Monday, January 25, 2010

Sleep No More [Mass Market Paperback]

I've just finished reading "Sleep No More" by Susan Crandall.

Product Description

The night was always Abby Whitman's enemy. As a young girl she walked in her sleep, and one night, she started a fire that scarred her sister for life and left Abby with unbearable guilt . . . and a loneliness that echoes within her. Now Abby has begun blacking out again-with apparently fatal results. A car accident has killed the son of a prominent family. Even though the evidence seems to exonerate her, Abby is plagued by doubts-and soon by mysterious threats. Psychiatrist Dr. Jason Coble is intrigued by Abby and offers to help her explore the dark recesses of her mind. Through this terrifying journey, Jason's interest turns to passion, and he yearns to give her the love she craves. But first, Abby must trust him-and shed light on secrets that
will rock this Southern town and reveal a danger that threatens them both.
My Review:

Wow this one was a fast paced and terrifying read!

I love Jason and Abby together because they understand one another (I'm glad they didn't jump right into bed but waited) and he was willing to help her and not push her into something she wasn't ready for!

I thought Abby's sister was quite selfish and I'm glad she finally talked to Abby at the end about a secret!

The killer wasn't that fleshed out but I wouldn't want to be near him but he was great in manipulating people!


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