Saturday, January 15, 2011

Don't Blink [Hardcover]

I've finished "Don't Blink" by James Patterson.

Product Description

The good

New York's Lombardo's Steak House is famous for three reasons -- the menu, the clientele, and now, the gruesome murder of an infamous mob lawyer. Effortlessly, the assassin slips through the police's fingers, and his absence sparks a blaze of accusations about who ordered the hit.

The bad

Seated at a nearby table, reporter Nick Daniels is conducting a once - in - a - lifetime interview with a legendary baseball bad-boy. In the chaos, he accidentally captures a key piece of evidence that lands him in the middle of an all-out war between Italian and Russian mafia forces. NYPD captains, district attorneys, mayoral candidates, media kingpins, and one shockingly beautiful magazine editor are all pushing their own agendas --on both sides of the law.

And the dead

Back off -- or die -- is the clear message Nick receives as he investigates for a story of his own.  Heedless, and perhaps in love with his beautiful editor, Nick endures humiliation, threats, violence, and worse in a thriller that overturns every expectation and finishes with the kind of flourish only James Patterson knows.

My Review:

Storyline:   While Nick is eating luch and about to interview with a legendary baseball bad-boy when he witnesses the death of a mobster lawyer.  During the chaos Nick captures a key piece of evidence that lands him in between Italian and Russian Mafia all out war.  He received death threats which warns him to back off but he lives through humilation and violence to solve the case.

Characters:  The main characters were very likable though in order for Nick's boss to end her relationship with her fiancee she had to listen to his conversation with Nick about his infidalities and what he really thinks of her. 

Romance:  Nick is hopelessly in love with his boss and I believe she is also in love with him (she won't admit it until later).  I wonder why she believed her fiance when he was caught in a sex scandal.  I really hated the fiance because he had a way of putting down people especially Nick (pretend you weren't there and totally ignore you) and he was slimy.

Killer(s):  They all had an agenda and lots of double crossing!  I actually liked some of the killers!


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