Friday, September 23, 2011

Revenge at Bella Terra: A Scarlet Deception Novel [Paperback]

I've finished "Revenge at Bella Terra" the 2nd book in her Scarlet Deception series by Christina Dodd.

Product Description

Ruthless Eli Di Luca hides the torment of his past beneath a façade of iron control. No one suspects the anguish he suffers, or the reasons why he has sworn never to marry. Only blackmail could change his mind ...

Beautiful young author Chloë Conte's first book zoomed to the top of the bestseller lists. Now, struggling to write her second mystery, she retreats to an isolated cottage in a private vineyard. But with his magnetic appeal and his fascinating tales of Bella Terra's violent past, Eli Di Luca proves an irresistible distraction, and Chloë finds herself falling in love with a man she hardly knows. Soon she discovers that Eli has been keeping secrets from her, and the truth will bring more than heartbreak ... it will put them both in mortal danger.

When murder and peril threaten, the only way Chloe can survive is to trust the man who has betrayed her ... and that's a price her stubborn heart may not be willing to pay.

Product Details
Paperback: 448 pages
Publisher: Signet Select (September 6, 2011)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0451413105
ISBN-13: 978-0451413109

My Review:

Storyline: Eli Du Luca is in debt because his good friend and accountant skipped town with all the profits.  A very wealthy man has proposed a way out by asking Eli to seduce and marry his daughter Chloe Robinson.

Chloe comes to Eli's cottage to help her write her next seller since she has writer's block.  Eli takes her to the water tower where they discover the body of Massimo who was introduced in the first book.  They conclude he was killed over pink diamonds which we don't find out about until Eli discovers it.

Characters:  Eli Du Luca is a tortured and tormented young man.  He was a pawn between his parents who didn't want him. His mom was a very violent woman, his dad just threw him away and his family on his mom's side treated him harshly and beat him up.  He only cares for his grandmother, two younger brothers and his winery.  But as Eli spends more time with Chloe he realizes she heals wounds and is the woman for him.  It was so funny when he thinks she would be meek and mild and would cater to all his needs.

Chloe Robinson is a young mystery suspense writer who has written a best selling book.  She comes to Eli's cottage because she thinks she is there for a visit to help her write her next book.  At first she believes her dad has thrown Eli at her as a suitor but then she concludes no.  She's a very smart and feisty woman just what Eli needs!  As Chloe spends more time with Eli she falls in love with him and marries him.  When she finds out about his betrayal she is hurt and angry but she needs his help to save her.

Romance:  I really enjoyed the romance between Eli and Chloe because it was very sweet and hot and they need each other.  From the moment they met you can feel the heat between them.

Killer:  The killer is very deadly, cunning and smart by setting up someone else to take the fall.


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