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Shona Perrett's A Storm of Secrets Blog Tour with a Spotlight and Excerpt


I am so excited to have Shona Perrett here at Mystery Thrillers and Romantic Suspense Reviews with a Spotlight and Excerpt.

Thanks Shona and CBB Book Promotions for allowing me to join A Storm of Secrets Blog Tour!

Please take it away, Shona!

About the Book

Special Agent Rios wakes up in an abandoned aeroplane. He finds himself on an unfamiliar island in the Bermuda Triangle, suffering from what appears to be amnesia. He must search for clues about his identity, as well as decipher the secrets of the island itself.

But will the truth be too terrifying to live with? Strangers hell-bent on murder, stranded young pilots, and signs of organized weapons trade. These things only touch the surface. What lurks in the skies above is far more sinister.

There is a strange energy high above the clouds, stewing deep within the Bermuda waters. And it grows restless. A storm is coming. A storm like no other, seeking to invade their minds. With the help of his newly acquainted team of special ops pilots, Rios must find a way to stop the storm before it destroys them from the inside out.


Tia heard Timothy for a brief moment, within the wind. “Tia, hold on. This isn’t the end of our story.”

Tia spun around. “Timothy?” No one. She looked back in front of her, heart racing. The silhouette had vanished.


And then screams, hidden deep within the howls of the island wind, began to speak. Uttering things beyond words. Cursing her. With hatred. Pain. Fear. They mockingly pushed on her spine, her mind, her everything good. Tia felt like a joke, a broken glass. Transparent and shattered. Naked. All of who she wasn’t, consumed all of who she was.

There was no escape in sight, nor a vice on offer but the bitterness of the cold night. No other body to wrap herself around. No other person to hide inside of. She tried to cry more, but all that came out was an exhale. A heavy, tortured breath.

“I’m too tired.” Tia slumped her head down, tears finished, but heart still heavy. She was sitting on her knees in the wet dirt, staring at the rain falling into her hands. “I can’t fix it.”

“There’s nothing music and dance can’t fix, even if only for a time. It takes us out of ourselves you see” said Tia’s Grannie’s voice.

Tia closed her eyes, finding herself in a different memory. She was back in the dance studio where she had taken lessons as a child. The metal seating beneath was cold, and the steam from the hot chocolate in her hands was warm as it rose to her face. Tia looked at the stage in front, where an adult ballerina was stretching against the bar. “But where do we go Grannie?” asked young Tia, looking across at her.

“Wherever we want.” Her Grannie smiled, eyes twinkling. She wrapped her arm around Tia, the bobbles on her multi-coloured knit sweater tickling Tia’s ear. “Look.” She pointed at the dancer who was about to begin. “Watch how everything changes when she starts to move.”

Tia watched as the woman manifested tender beauty and power all at once. Her movement created excitement within Tia’s heart. The way she leapt across the stage with power, and then gently dipped low, had young Tia hooked. She needed to dance.

Tia breathed in, clutching to the joyful memory with the last of her strength. And with that, she opened her eyes, and rose to her feet. Trembling with fear, exhaustion, and hope.

The mixture inside was at war. But she had to hold onto this one good memory. It could be her last. As the rain bucketed down over the island, and the sky moaned in angry anguish, Tia began to dance in the storm. Coyly at first, moving only her arms. Then she ran and leapt through the air, like the woman had done before her. As a maniac, as an artist, as a broken soul, a healer. Woman incarnate. Tia danced as she was. With all that she was and wasn’t, she let her body guide her spirit.

Her limbs ached, her eyes watered, and her mouth leaked sounds of laughter and pain. Every twist she made, a new chapter written. Every dip, a moment gone by, released. This was the final attempt. Tia’s last, desperate counter attack.


About the Author

Shona Perrett is a first time author, blogger and closet poet. Her novel A Storm of Secrets is due to release November 2015. Shona studied applied writing in her home town of Whangarei, and is now looking to branch out into creative business enterprising.

Passionate about finding beauty in the dirt, she aims to write stories of redemption. Shona believes that narratives exist to teach us how to love one another. That every day, we all communicate through the medium of story, seeking out ways to connect with the world around us.

She believes they are one of the most ancient forms of creative expression and vulnerability, and are therefore a fundamental part of what it means to be human.

You can visit her at or on Facebook at


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