Monday, March 28, 2011

Treachery in Death [Hardover]

I've finished "Treachery in Death" the 33rd book in her In Death series by J.D. Robb.

Product Description

In the latest from the #1 New York Times bestselling phenomenon, Eve Dallas tracks down those who break the law-including the ones sworn to uphold it.

Detective Eve Dallas and her partner, Peabody, are following up on a senseless crime-an elderly grocery owner killed by three stoned punks for nothing more than kicks and snacks. This is Peabody's first case as primary detective-good thing she learned from the master.

But Peabody soon stumbles upon a trickier situation. After a hard workout, she's all alone in the locker room when the gym door clatters open; and-while hiding inside a shower stall trying not to make a sound-she overhears two fellow officers, Garnet and Oberman, arguing. It doesn't take long to realize they're both crooked-guilty not just of corruption but of murder. Now Peabody, Eve, and Eve's husband, Roarke, are trying to get the hard evidence they need to bring the dirty cops down-knowing all the while that the two are willing to kill to keep their secret.

About the Author

J.D. Robb is the pseudonym for a number-one New York Times bestselling author of more than 190 novels, including the futuristic suspense In Death series. There are more than 400 million copies of her books in print.

Product Details
Hardcover: 384 pages
Publisher: Putnam Adult; First Edition first Printing edition (February 22, 2011)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0399157034
ISBN-13: 978-0399157035

My Review:

I highly recommend this series if you love a kick ass heroine, a gorgeous multi-billionaire husband and well constructed storylines and complex characters.

Storyline:  After investigating a murder, Peabody decides to start working out in an empty and abandoned gym at Central. After she showers, two cops barge into the locker room and start talking about their role in the murder of an informant to cover up their own roles in an internal racket. Peabody sees and hears just enough to identify the two, and it turns out that one of the cops is a lieutenant who is the daughter of a retired legend on the force. Peabody informs Dallas, who then informs the captain of the precinct, and an undercover investigation starts to ramp up to see just how pervasive the corruption might be. Dallas takes it as a personal crusade to take down the two cops and everyone else who might be part of what's going on, and she starts to goad the lieutenant into taking reckless steps to get back or silence Dallas and Peabody. The action escalates as the pressure increases and desperation sets in to deflect the investigation and to keep everything undercover.

Characters:  You get to see Peabody in a lead role in the investigation against the corrupt police unit.  She's the central person and has to go against some higher ups and scrutiny along the way.
Love the way that Eve antagonizes the ring leader and her corrupt group of cops.  She also has some kick-ass fighting scenes which she whoops ass. 
Really enjoyed the scenes between Eve and Whitney and Eve and Webster and Eve.
Romance:  I really enjoy the romance between Eve and Roake because they have come a long way from when they first met to now.  They have a major argument but they resolve their differences but not before acting like children.  The love scenes are always tender, hot and loving.

Killer(s):  The ring leader is very manipulative of men using sex, power and money to control her group of men.  She's smart and doesn't kill herself.  It's interesting how she comes up with how to stage the murders so there wouldn't be any questions asked (but Eve and Peabody know better)!

One of her men has quite the temper tantrum, is out of control and has an agenda to torture and then kill Dallas.

Another asks no questions and is her killing machine.  He's quite the big brute and has no remorse.

She has quite the network with key people appointed in different departments and ones she doesn't like are either killed or forced to transfer.


Thanks Laura from Penguin Canada for sending me this book to review, greatly appreciated!

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