Friday, June 22, 2012

The Mamacita Murders


Assistant Prosecutor Gaby Ruiz investigates the assault on Laura, a 17 year-old prostitute who is left for dead in a motel in a drug- and gang-ridden community. The investigation twists from the backwoods in Tuckford County to the back rooms of law enforcement buildings all the way to the Walled City. Did Clown, Laura's boyfriend, try to kill her when she wanted to leave the Lincoln Gang's prostitution ring or -- did a random assailant ransack Laura's room and assault her -- or did law enforcement try to kill Laura to protect one of their own? Through pure determination, Gaby Ruiz does not let anything stop her search for justice and to secure her witness for trial.

Gabriela Ruiz is a sex crimes prosecutor in Tuckford County and runs The Mamacita Club, a community outreach effort from her chrome Vintage Airstream motorhome. She travels with her angel friends around the county to reach at-risk women. Women affected by drugs, abuse, gang and domestic violence, sex crimes, and broken homes -- they're all in The Mamacita Club. For Gaby, the law is rarely black or white -- it's more about determination, persistence, and finding closure for her victims. But it's always about justice. Gaby has spent all of her professional life seeking justice for others. But what she should have been doing is searching for closure for herself. It is not until Laura goes missing, that Gaby is able to start fixing her own guilt-ridden past for not protecting her mom from an abusive relationship -- this time to save her own life and seek closure over her own mother's death.

The Mamacita Murders is author Debra Mares' first novel and first in a series of courtroom drama and chick lit mysteries.

My Review:

Gabriela Ruiz once witnessed a horrifying crime in her childhood and now she is an assistant prosecutor, talk to angels and one of the founders of The Mamacita Club.  The Club helps young troubled teens get away from dangerous situations and teach them life lessons and how to better themselves.  Laura isn't a member of The Mamacita Club goes missing the day she was testifying against her stepfather for abusing and raping her.  Gaby and Dylan Mack the investigator assigned to the case find Laura in a motel beaten and left for dead. Gaby is determined to bring the ones responsible to court and to find out what the reason was for the horrifying attack.

Gaby is a great inspiration for girls and women trying to change their life around because she really cares for her group of girls.  She is a strong and caring women's advocator and a determined investigator.  I was really glad she never gave up on Laura and never let anyone get in her way of finding justice.  During her investigation she learns things about herself and Dylan.

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