Saturday, October 27, 2012

The Other Woman [Hardcover]

I've finished "The Other Woman" by Hank Phillippe Ryan.

Product Description

Jane Ryland was a rising star in television news … until she refused to reveal a source and lost everything. Now a disgraced newspaper reporter, Jane isn’t content to work on her assigned puff pieces, and finds herself tracking down a candidate’s secret mistress just days before a pivotal Senate election.

Detective Jake Brogan is investigating a possible serial killer. Twice, bodies of unidentified women have been found by a bridge, and Jake is plagued by a media swarm beginning to buzz about a “bridge killer” hunting the young women of Boston.

As the body count rises and election looms closer, it becomes clear to Jane and Jake that their cases are connected … and that they may be facing a ruthless killer who will stop at nothing to silence a scandal.

Dirty politics, dirty tricks, and a barrage of final twists, The Other Woman is the first in an explosive new series by Hank Phillippi Ryan. Seduction, betrayal, and murder — it’ll take a lot more than votes to win this election.

About the Author

A former US Senate staffer and political campaign aide, HANK PHILLIPPI RYAN is the investigative reporter for Boston's NBC affiliate, and has won twenty-seven Emmys and ten Edward R. Murrow awards. A bestselling author of four mystery novels, Ryan has won the Agatha, Anthony, and Macavity awards. She’s on the national board of directors of Mystery Writers of America and Sisters in Crime.

Product Details
Hardcover: 416 pages
Publisher: Forge Books; First Edition edition (September 4, 2012)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0765332574
ISBN-13: 978-0765332578

My Review:

Jane Ryland loses her TV newspaper reporter job when she refuses to give up her source.  Her friend Detective Jake Brogan recommends her name at a Boston newspaper.  It is far away from her old job but it gives her a pay cheque.

Her first job assignment is to find and interview Moira Lassiter wife of the former Governor who is now a candidate for Senate.  She is given the run around from Lassister's lackey's who would either not or can't tell her where Moira is which makes her think a scandal is involved.

Jake Brogan is the lead detective on a case where attractive young women's bodies are found near or under major bridges by water located in Boston.  Not one of the bodies have identification on them and Jake and his partner are determined to find out their identity, who killed them and why.  Several newspaper articles are covering the killings done by a serial killer they are calling the Bridge Killer.

As both Jane and Jake investigate further they find out both their cases overlap.  To make matter worse Jane realizes her interest in Jake turns romantic which would result in her unhappiness and disaster to her already broken life.

This book had lots of twists and turns with would result in your thinking a certain person was involved, etc and it was very intense.


Thanks Tor Forge books for sending me this book to review, greatly appreciated!

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