Saturday, February 2, 2013

Whispers [Mass Market Paperback]

I've finished "Whispers" by Lisa Jackson.

Product Description

New York Times bestselling author Lisa Jackson delivers the suspenseful story of a woman with shocking secrets who is drawn into a journalist's web and an obsession that could destroy her. In the chill of an Oregon Night, a man plunges to his death. Another vanishes without a trace. A third drowns in the murky waters of a quiet lake. Alone in the dark, a ruthless killer is certain that every loose end has been cut, every enemy silenced except one. It's been sixteen years since Claire St. John fled in terror from her family's home on Lake Arrowhead. Sixteen years since her fiance's tragic death and the shocking secret she promised never to reveal to anyone. But that was before journalist Kane Moran began probing the mystery of that horrible night, turning a light on the darkest corners of Claire's life, exposing her once again to a cold-blooded murderer's vicious fury. Now, as Claire returns home to face a past she's tried to forget, another body is unearthed, revealing the twisted nature of a killer who is ready at last to make Claire pay the ultimate price!

About the Author

Lisa Jackson has been writing romantic fiction for fifteen years. Over sixty of her books have been published and reprinted in more than a dozen foreign languages. A single mother, she is a native of Oregon, where she still resides with her two teenage sons. Lisa is often asked what is the key to her success, and her unfailing answer is a keen imagination, incredible friends, loving family, and always, loads of laughter. As Oscar Wilde is purported to have said, "Life is too important to be taken seriously."

Product Details
Mass Market Paperback: 447 pages
Publisher: Zebra Books; Revised edition (August 1, 2003)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0821776037
ISBN-13: 978-0821776032

My Review:

Sixteen years ago someone killed Harley Taggert and the perpetrator has never been found.  Dutch Holland bribed local law force because he believed one of his daughters killed Harley though he wasn't sure which one.

The book starts off with Dutch Holland running for Governor and wants all family secrets out in the open.   He calls his three adult daughters DA lawyer Miranda, Claire divorced mother of two and rebellious Tessa back home to ask them who killed Harley Taggert?  Dutch hires private detective Denver Hayes to investigate the crime just as local bad boy journalist Kane Morgan comes home to write a book about Harley's murder.

Claire was involved with Harley in her teens though he was two-timing her with his ex-girlfriend.  She finally realized she was in love with Kane and after one night of passion he left for the Army. She has her own little dark secret which she has to deal with.  Besides her ex is a pervert and loves young girls (he was sleeping with his step-son's girlfriend which he happened to walk in on them doing the mamba).

Kane fell for Claire hard and it was a case of the bad boy and the princess.  He wants to get back at Dutch for ruining his life by writing a book about Harley's murder but his love for Claire means more to him then his revenge.  He only wants to protect her and her family.

This book is very complex full of lies, backstabbing, etc. with four engaging characters while others will sicken you.  The book jumps back in time to 1980 with a summer full of mysterious deaths to 1996.


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